Immersion into the vineyard

Our winegrowers love to share their passion and know-how. This is why we have devised two programs to welcome you in our vineyards, for a day, a vintage, or much more !

Agamy Vignobles : become collectively owner of vines

Agamy Vignobles gives you the opportunity to collectively become the owner of vines plots in Beaujolais vineyard.

By helping of crowdfunding, Agamy Vignobles constitutes a vineyard perpetuating and developing Agamy cellar territory.

With acquiring shares (from € 1000), you finance the collective purchase of vines and help set up young winegrowers. Above all, you will live a human adventure combining investment, commitment, sharing and conviviality.

Join our ambassadors!


Vis ma Vigne : become a winegrower during one vintage

We invite you for an authentic experience our terroirs. Slip into the skin of a winegrower, discover with us the vegetative cycle of a vineyard plot and become honorary winegrower.

Supervised by Agamy wine-growing artists, you will learn to listen to and take care of the vines, in the friendly atmosphere of Beaujolais vineyard.

We are waiting for you!