Fascinating gamay

In Agamy cellar, Gamay is the King! It represents 90% of our planted areas. But it’s not the only one: to make our white wines, 3 grape varieties come together, each offering their own personality.

Discover their nature.

Gamay, our main grape variety, has found in our territories a setting to develop all its facets and its intense aromatic expression. On our Beaujolais appellations, it offers crunchy, fruity and delicious aromas. In Lyonnais, it even reveals subtle spicy notes. In the Côtes du Forez, the volcanic soils give it a full-bodied character. Gamay gives our wines a brilliant red color, with predominantly fruity aromas (raspberry, wild strawberry, blackberry, black cherry) and sometimes peppery and floral notes… Wines that can be drunk all year and on any occasion.

Our rosé wines are also made from gamay. Depending on the aromatic intensity you want to give them, they are obtained by direct pressing or after a few hours maceration. Sometimes light and delicate, sometimes vinous and complex, always delicious, our rosés express notes of sour red fruits, citrus fruits, and a nice freshness. Wines of pleasure!

Our white wines are produced from several grape varieties:
Established in Beaujolais, Lyonnais and Forez terroirs, Chardonnay reveals all its elegance! It offers delicate wines with a beautiful aromatic intensity, aromas of white fruit and citrus fruits as well as beautiful floral and mineral notes. Some wines can age for a few years to express their complexity and intensity.

10 years ago, our winegrowers decided to plant Viognier on their territories. Successful bet! Offering gourmet wines, Viognier flourishes fully on our land and gives to our wines beautiful aromas of yellow fruits, sometimes exotic. Its sweet version evolves on notes of quince and honey.

More confidential, Aligoté offers us lively wines, with crunchy white fruits notes, citrus fruits and white flowers. It has found its place on our Lyonnais soils!