Divine flasks

Always on the lookout for new sensations, Agamy composes an universe where originality and emotion of many styles of wines shine.

Legendary wines, creations, wines of passion and discovery, classic or unexpected palettes … Each cuvée is the culmination of a long history written by our winegrowers and teams. Experts in their domain, they give the best of themselves. Subtle silversmiths, they imagine, care for, harvest, press and shape with a single goal: to offer you all the intensity and richness of our terroir.

Agamy’s vision: at the moment of your tasting, your pleasures are endless.

The cellar works with cellar masters experts in Beaujolaise vinification (also called semi-carbonic maceration).

The process is passed on from generation to generation: the whole bunches are put in vats without being separated from their stalk. The grapes macerate and the carbon dioxide gradually replaces the oxygen. To accompany the alcoholic fermentation process, the cellar masters collect the juice from the bottom of the vat and bring it up to the surface to water the harvest.

This winemaking technique offers fruity and very aromatic gamays, to be enjoyed on any occasion.

Our wines are marketed under several brands: Agamy and Louis Tête for the traditional circuit and foreign countries; Signé Vignerons for supermarkets; Le Chat Rouge which makes Gamay sparkle.

Over time and all over the world, these red, rosé and white wines, still and sparkling, gain a great reputation and are regularly rewarded in professional competitions.

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