Bold winegrowers

In 1928, in the heart of Beaujolais vintages, a handful of winegrowers decided to join forces and their know-how in favor of the quality and marketing of their wines. Creating a cooperative cellar allowed them to ensure the sustainability of their operations and to showcase the richness of their common land. Thus was born La Cave de Quincié.
Over the years, the same project gave birth to three other cellars in Beaujolais and the Loire: the Cave des Coteaux du Lyonnais in 1956; the Cave of Bully, in 1959; the Cave des Vignerons Foréziens, in 1962.

In 2016, these four leading wineries on their territory signed their regrouping under the Agamy banner.

Agamy, anagram of Gamay, as the common thread between all our enthusiasts.
Agamy, a mix of vibrant personalities and extravagant ideas.

So today, behind Agamy, 350 winegrowers are busy in their plots, sometimes alone, sometimes with their families. Passionate about the terroir, crazy about Gamay, they take care of their vines while respecting the environment and natural resources, in order to bring the cellar a perfect harvest while preserving their territory. Each bottle bears their mark!

Discover some of our personalities in pictures.


Vigneron dans les Coteaux du Lyonnais
Voici Mathieu, un Vigneron du Beaujolais


Vigneron du Beaujolais


Vigneron du Beaujolais


Vigneron du Beaujolais

Patrice, Bernard et Sylvain

Vignerons du Lyonnais


Vigneron du Beaujolais
Guillaume - Vigneron de Cote de Brouilly


Vigneron en Côte de Brouilly

Charles - Vigneron de Brouilly


Vigneron à Brouilly


Viticultrice en Beaujolais-Villages


Vigneron de Brouilly


Vigneron en Beaujolais-Villages

Jérôme - Vigneron du Lyonnais


Vigneron du Lyonnais

Jean-Marc - Vigneron du Forez

Jean Marc

Vigneron du Forez


Vigneron du Forez